Transformer digital twin

Real-time power quality and substation monitoring

Increase renewable power production, prevent outages and increase asset lifetime 


Transformer and substation monitoring

The Lower voltage and Medium voltage grid is rapidly changing due to the rise of solar energy, batteries, heat pumps and electric vehicles. This requires real-time insights which existing SCADA systems cannot easily provide.


Power quality insights

Safe and high quality electricity means that power quality specifications need to be met. Spikes or changes in power quality can severely damage equipment or prevent customers from using or feeding electricity back into the system.


Anomaly detection

Anomaly detection

Identifying faults in the low voltage grid and transformers takes time. With real-time monitoring this process can be sped up significantly. In addition to static thresholds anomaly detection algorithms can provide additional insights and preliminary warnings with more precise fault locations.

Inspection reduction

Inspection reduction

Lack of technical personnel is affecting the speed of the energy transition. With real-time monitoring physical inspection cycles can be reduced freeing up valuable time for other activities.



Delivering deep insights and control 

Monitor an extensive range of metrics giving detailed insights into the load and performance of the connected assets

PQ insights

Easily installed in the field 

The system can be easily installed by mechanics and depending on regulation the transformer does not need to be taken offline. The ability to work with current transformers or Rogowski coils means that any situation is suitable to monitor.

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Power quality
Substation monitoring and LV grid

Full insight into the LV grid

The base unit can be extented with upto 10 expansion units. This enables a complete insight into the lower voltage grid. Real-time insight allows for increasing the capacity of renewable electricity added to the grid. 







Full flexibility and suitable for distribution automation 

The base station can be extended with extension modules. Directly powered and connected via industry standard Modbus UTP cables. Up to 10 extension modules can be connected to 1 base unit.

This allows for monitoring of a wide range of additional assets such as: 

- Environment temperature and humidity 
- Earth current relays / Earth fault indicators
- Door switches
- Oil temperature
- Public light sensing and controlling 
- Protection relay signal
- SF6 gas density monitors 
- Tap changer
- Ventilation
and more... 


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Don't just take our word for it 

"The digital twin helps us support prosumers in delivering more renewable energy to the grid whilst at the same time increasing the efficiency of our own operations." Hans Leenders - Asset manager Joulz

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